What’s Tugging at Your Heart Today?

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Article: What’s Tugging at Your Heart Today?  

Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu

Edition: 25

Year: December 25, 2017

Published: Online By Creative Arts Solution Foundation 


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What’s Tugging at Your Heart Today?

Today’s world is the most exciting places to exercise this momentum and begin to imagine “what’s going on in people’s thoughts, dramatic impetus and emotional of what is tugging in their heart and mind, concerning our environments, societies and communities, social media of nowadays”

The word “Tug” translations means (to pull with great effort) in German: zerren, Italian: trascinare, Russian: тяну́ть

Referring to “What’s Tugging at The Heart?” of millions of people who uses social networking website today and maintain profile with details about their live, as well as photos of family and friends, lists, of their favorite books, the results of the popular culture quizzes they have taken, and lots more…Despite of all this information’s, You begin to imagine or wonder how many of this millions of people who still do not truly know themselves in the area of what God has created them to do or not even come to the knowledge of what their creator has placed in them. Because it’s possible for people to be sincere and well-meaning in their various endeavors, but one can still be sincere and unauthentic at the same in life by ways of operating at the level of ignorant or unknowing to them. Not until when you take time to make sure you truly know who you are? You may not truly discover what the creator has called you to do or placed in you?
So many people nowadays run into problems when they start consulting other people to discover themselves because they sometimes succumb to another person’s suggestions or opinions instead of pursing what is truly authentic about them “indeed and in truth” because by being truth to ones feelings is all important in a specific aspects or areas of one’s life. On the other hand, its possible you may want to show your profile to your spouse or one or two closes friends because are time others who know us well can help us to see the aspects of ourselves that we may have taken for granted or abilities that is already forgotten that we must have exercise in the past that is, long time ago. But the ways of which we perceive them when it comes to reality is what matters most.
Perhaps you have become preoccupied with others things, but this special and particular idea always returns to your thoughts. Sometime it is a passion that won’t subside, a persistent desire or tug at your heart.
You will find that, through the years you may need to find two or three things that you are meant to do in different ways or season's, but there is a crucial need for you to distinguish between what you might like to do and what you feel you must do. Basically it's too easy to spread ourselves thin and never fulfill your purposes.
You must have experienced stages in life in which you may be engaged in various endeavors, and though you may manifest it in several ways using one or more, gifts, and all these manifestation will be certain to center on a particular area that reflects specific purposes for your lifetime. Remember that tugs makes a strong emotional impact. The heart is often used as a metaphor for the center of feeling / love / empathy etc. 

Effect of tugging’s

The effect of tugging’s may come up in different dimension having experience both, in the physical and spiritual aspect of life. Are you aware when the Holy Spirit is tugging on your heart to lead you in a specific direction or areas?  If so, how would you describe that “tugging” to another fellow who has never experienced it? Have you ever started a Spirit-led project without having the entire picture before you got started?As you got started, did the Holy Spirit keep directing you step by step to where He wanted you to be?
Sometimes it may be challenging to be led in this way, you should be afterwards glad that you obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit?
As you reflect on all that has happened throughout the years in the past and presently. One thing you will realize is that your testimony is one of being “led” by the Holy Spirit. If you were able to flashback then you will know that you weren’t smart enough to accomplish everything that has been done, but the Leader you were following knew exactly how to lead and guide you. If only you were following Him one step at a time, He will lead you to a high place of victory in so many areas. Because if you have a heart to cooperate with God, you will see Him doing the impossible again and again and again. Let’s take look or paint a picture before us, of which depict a man carrying load and a little bottle of water at is back pocket. So also is many of us who is carrying load of bags and baggage’s in our heart and with a little trust in God at the back of our heart.

In conclusion, as you look at your lifestyle nowadays or your own life you need to make the decision to let the Spirit be your Leader in every area of your life. Just let Him take you by the heart and give you a little “tug” and “pull” in the right direction and focus. Then say, “Lord, I sense that You are tugging on my heart, and I’m ready to let You lead me wherever You want me to go.”



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