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Creative Arts Solution Foundation Brief Story

Visit: International Gallery Creative Arts Creative Arts Solution FOUNDATION a non-governmental foundation Brief Story. a non-governmental foundation Incorporated in Nigeria at CAC Abuja on the 10th of December, 2012 Trustee: Mr. Olusola David Ayibiowu (Chairman / President)  Visit our blog: for more information AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To foster unity among members. To positively influence youth through the medium of art. To nurture youth who are professionally competent, creative and enterprising into becoming responsible citizens, zealous for the common good of society. To use the medium of art to express and recreate our national image and to conquer barriers in art. To use art through the medium of advert and social media; as a means of utilizing and maximizing the potential of youths across the nation. To channel youths’ creative and intellectual abilities into solving societal chall

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