Donor rewards (perks)

Donor rewards (perks) 
Creative Arts Solution Foundation 
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Commemorate participation
Our Donor rewards is basically to give extra incentive to your our contributors and help increase individual donations to our project.  These foundation rewards are not meant to be expensive gifts, but insights into creative process and mementos to commemorate donors’ participation in all our foundation projects. When we are choosing rewards, we try to find something unique to share that isn’t readily available for purchase.
280px; width: 336px;">In choosing our perks we encourage to consider the following: 
  • The foundation invite donors into our artistic process or others.
  • We use our past and current work as source material.
  • We increase reward value with donations.
  • We provide a range of perk levels.

  • We use the“All of the Above”“Plus” method.
  • We create urgency by limiting the number of rewards, pre-releasing items, and highlighting their unique qualities.
Since we are responsible for fulfilling donor rewards, also strike a balance between making our donors feel special and keeping the process manageable for the foundation.
For all perk levels, we consider items that are low in material cost, but perhaps show your appreciation by being special to the project, handmade, or limited in numbers. For example, you can show our appreciation with a handwritten thank you card instead of a mass printed message.
The foundation scale donor rewards according to their contributions. Lower level perks should be simpler than higher level ones. For example, we might have a special-package and ship a $1000 level reward, but want to avoid doing so for the more often chosen $25 level perks.
Finally, if the foundation choose to use a digital reward, we will be generous! Album downloads, movie downloads, pre-releases, special project web access, or private event invitations are all great options that we use in the foundation.
The foundation Estimated Value refers to the lowest justifiable value of each reward level. For example, if the foundation reward level was a CD, the est. value might be the $2 it costs to create each CD and our donors names are published in our data base and also donors may decide to be anonymous is allowed in our foundation.


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