The Arts of Public Safety Research COVID-19

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         The Arts of Public Safety Research

Photo Taken on May 9, 2020 
by Olusola David, Ayibiowu

Beyond the pandemic, we are working together to Stay Safe through our ongoing project : "The Arts of Public Safety Research COVID--19 

The Arts of Public Safety Research COVID-19
The Arts of Public safety Research COVID-19 is describe as our society or community safety. *Save a soul *Feed the poor *Donate

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The Arts of Public safety Research can easily be describe as our society or community safety is concerned relating it to art and culture, health,
education, livelihoods, environment, governors, sustainable human development, Indicator for monitoring risk reduction. Health need in an emergency and damage/need assessment, Surveillance Systems, Organization and Management, Structural damage and loss Community, hospital and laboratory,Communicable Disease Control in Emergencies and Hospitable Planning for Emergency. COVID-19


Public safety agencies are leveraging a variety of funding mechanisms to build, improve, expand, and support public safety communications systems and
to make provision available , nose mask, sanitizes. And free online COVID-19 Self Assessment (Self Test) for everyone.
Government and public safety officials must work together to develop strong project proposals, educate elected officials on the need for such improvements,
and work together to identify and secure viable funding sources to maintain public safety communications systems, and sustain core communications capabilities,
in order to ensure interoperability between public safety agencies and like this foundation can help to provide support.
in this research program through aids in grants and donations.

Activities in progress  ( On going still Updating )

  •  Free Online COVID -19 Self Assessment App (Tool) for everyone Test Themselves before contacting NCDC, CDC.

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  • Community Development Association in collaboration with CDA. View Full Site. › › 1.

  • Face Mask donation & contribution of health sanitizers, healthGarde Products, hygienic items, hand gloves, food.

Impacts & Outcomes:

Our research experience has been a welcome development to our communities and also as an eye-opener to so many. The areas of our research experience has been challenging and it has also contributed to our passion to lingering on.

The impact on the public safety issues will drastically reduce lead to trend that will also impact Build-Up of Safer environment and societal benefits of the Communities. 

Outcomes of the Public Safety Research COVID-19 would help to reduce the spread of the virus and Stay Safe.


The foundation have to indicate the anticipation of what the project will cost like $ 5000 Dollars

The time frame work is a long time plan that will take a minimum of one year to complete or no dead line for now as the projects may continue from year to year

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