Thank You Page

Thank You Page

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  Thank You

Our Donors, Sponsors and Supporters
The Foundation is thanking you all in advance of our Individual and Corporate donors, sponsors and supporters who have yet to donate or graciously donated funds, products and/or services! Together, we make dreams come true and put huge smiles on our people faces…
Individual Donors: 
For privacy purposes, we will not be listing each of you individually, but please know how sincerely thankful we are for your donation(s) and to those that are yet to donate in advance in support of the foundation projects programme. Our gratitude goes out to each of you for your generosity!
Corporate – Company, Organization and Foundation – Donors: In Advance, the following companies, organizations and foundations have donated funds, products and/or services that allow us to carry on our Aims nd Objectives. Without each of you, what we do would not be possible! Thank you for leadership in our community and your willingness to help.



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