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The Arts of Public Safety Research

The Arts of Public safety Research can easily be describe as our society or community safety is concerned relating it to art and culture, health, education, livelihoods, environment, governors, sustainable human development, Indicator for monitoring risk reduction. Health need in an emergency and damage/need assessment, Surveillance Systems, Organization and Management, Structural damage and loss Community, hospital and laboratory, Communicable Disease Control in Emergencies and Hospitable Planning for Emergency. COVID-19

Public safety agencies are leveraging a variety of funding mechanisms to build, improve, expand, and support public safety communications systems. Government and public safety officials must work together to develop strong project proposals, educate elected officials on the need for such improvements, and work together to identify and secure viable funding sources to maintain public safety communications systems, and sustain core communications capabilities, in order to ensure operability  and interoperability between public safety agencies and like this foundation can help to provide equipment’s, support in this research program through aids in grants and donations.

Project Description:
Problem & Significance:
The problem of Public Safety is risk management and natural hazard, service infrastructure, natural environment livelihoods, death injury, loss of property, break down in security needs to be identified in various ways and environmental issues occurring on a daily basis. And the significant part of this issue need emergency attention on a daily basis for readiness to response to issues for safer communities.
Public Safety health seminar education for the communities, market women, market places, men in a garage or bus-stop garage, Taxi park, Community Development Association (CDA) during their monthly meetings, any places where there is large gathering of people are the target populations, Medical Check-up for all residential local areas and to collaborate with CDA/Local government especially CDA’s in all residential locations, Road Safety agency. Resources would be made available for medical check-up like quantum magnetic body analyzer to scan and detect 35 vital organs in the body and within 60 second the data analysis report would be out, blood pressure machine, detoxification machine, Medicine prescription will be available. To approach and treat on the Arts of Public Safety Research with demonstration of works of art like Paintings (Oil on canvas) and art workshop / seminar in their relevant environment and target population’s communities both male and female locally as well as at national level with a group or mass public campaign as resources for campaign like megaphone, rally round with flyers, banners, Roll-Up Stand, tie-shirt and face caps, would be purchase and made available for public safety all around the places.  

 Impacts & Outcomes:

Our research experience has been a welcome development to our communities and also as an eye-opener to so many. The areas of our research experience has been challenging and it has also contributed to our passion to lingering on. The impact on the public safety issues will drastically reduce to an extent which include narcotic use, trespassing, burglary, harassment, juvenile delinquency, unauthorized living, noise, littering, inappropriate social behavior, inebriation, and other quality of life issues would have been resolved. It will lead to trend that will also impact Build-Up of Safer environment and societal benefits of the Communities. Outcomes of the Public Safety research would help to reduce environmental pollution's, crime rate and violets attitude can come to lower, from there fades away gradually and as time passed by its would have been a thing of the past as we will see them no more as the environment would be more conducive and create a platform that would ensure security and reliability service that will help the people we value and transition smoothly into new way of doing things, thus position ourselves as a connoisseur service provider in this field Up till date it has always been a day to day research experiences, as we consider every opportunity as a privilege, and every challenges encounter as a signal or pointer to move forward. These two factors serve as a bigger reason, in respect to this research as an environment or community that can wept our appetite to achieve our desired goals, based on the credibility of this Public Safety Research outcomes.

Project Team:

The foundation needs to Identify key collaborators like Road Safety Agency, Community Development Association, Art Galleries, Art Studios/ Workshop and the sponsoring institution, stakeholders for which cooperation will be needed to implement the proposed project with us as well as Tasly Int’ Phar. Co., Ltd or Tasly World Nigeria Co., Ltd for the health supports from their team members from various shops as a volunteers in order to carry out the tasks and the participant will cost less financial obligation for the chosen audiences. 


  • The foundation have to indicate the anticipation of what the project will cost like $ 5000 Dollars 

The time frame work is a long time plan that will take a minimum of one year to complete or no dead line from now as the projects may continue from year to year


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