How to Convert Your Airtime Credit To Real Cash, Directly To Your Bank Account

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Article: How to Convert Your Airtime Credit To Real Cash, Directly To Your Bank Account  

Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu
Edition: 15
Year: Oct 2017
Published: Online by Creative Arts Solution Foundation
Updated: 7 July 2018

Convert Recharge Card To Money on Zoranga.

Follow this steps below as you Sign up first.
  • Click on “Deposit Money”
  • Follow the instructions and fill the form correctly
  • Click the “Deposit Now” button
  • Transaction complete
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This is an amazing article that deals with the aspect of how to Convert Airtime Credit to Real Cash,

Directly To Your Bank Account.

Have You ever thinking of Converting Your Airtime into real cash, You can Flex with?, Here is  one of the solution that can solve this particular issues.

How Can I convert My Credit Airtime to Cash?

You don't Need Some Kind of Magic to do this, Although it might be Strange to You but Believe it works!. Many will have Many Airtime like N10,000 Worth of Airtime, But they feel like Converting it to real money.

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Today Zoranga Has made it Possible, Like Before if you want to sell airtime you have to loose more than 20% value of the card before you convert it to cash, For example if you want to sell MTN airtime of N8000 you will get a value of N6,400 which is very steep discount.

Zoranga is Mobile Money Service Now, with Zoranga mobile money services you can be able to send and receive money from wherever you are, without visiting the bank. With MTN or GLO airtime, you can fund your Zoranga account at anytime from their official website. And you can send money in your Zoranga account to any bank account in Nigeria within minutes, pay for goods and services online or save for a goal or project for a specified time.

How to Deposit Money on with Airtime

Convert Recharge Card To Money on Zoranga


  • Click on “Deposit Money”
  • Follow the instructions and fill the form correctly
  • Click the “Deposit Now” button
  • Transaction complete

How to Transfer Money on

With Zoranga, you can fund any bank account in Nigeria without paying a visit to the banking hall, just as you do with mobile apps, online banking and via ATM.
But in this case, you will be sending money, which is your airtime to either your bank account or to another customer’s account.
You also can withdraw money through a Zoranga agent usingZorapin
  • Click on “Transfer Money”
  • Select any of your desired options.
  • Follow the instructions and fill the form correctly
  • Click on the “Transfer button”
  • Transaction complete

Create four digits
Create four digits pin you will use when you want to transfer to bank

If you want to deposit login to your account and go to deposit click deposit using airtime

Put the card pin and click deposit and with 5min it will reflect in your main balance how much you deposited

Note:  you can buy airtime with the money you deposit too If the money you deposit in your account is more than 1000 you can now transfer it to your bank

For transfer login to your account and go to transfer chose transfer to another bank put your

Create your PIN

Enter your account password and create your secure 4 digit PIN. The PIN must not be shared or revealed to anyone.

4 digit PIN

Repeat 4 digit

PIN Verify

Account Password

Change My PIN

Bank name
Account number
Chose your bank
Put your for digit pin
Click transfer
With 5min you will get alert

How Can I Get Started?

What are you waiting for, why don't You rush and Sign Up For Zoranga Account From Here 

Money at the speed of want.

Refer a friend - Zoranga

Enter your friend's mobile number and we will send him an invitation to join Zoranga.

When your friends join and sends or receives money through zoranga, you will earn bonus points that can be converted to airtime or cash.

You can only refer one friend at a time.

Your name

Friends Mobile Number

What is S-wallet

  • S-wallet is a savings plan introduced by Zoranga that let's customers save money through their Zoranga account until the given maturity date.
    The tenure of an S-Wallet account can vary from 1, 3 or 6 months to a year and can be as high as 3 years. It's classified as a fixed deposit account.
    On the date of maturity, you can withdraw your total deposit and your earned interest to your Zoranga account.
    Money in your Zoranga account can be sent directly to your bank account or can be cleared from an agent nearest to you.

Features of S-wallet

  • You can close your S- wallet account before the maturity period. This is called premature withdrawal. Zoranga charges a penalty fee and will not pay any earned interest.
  • Create your S-wallet account from your Zoranga account and you can transfer money from your Zoranga account to your S- wallet account. It's very simple.
    Setup your S-wallet account. 

What is Zorapin?

Zorapin is an equivalent of a recharge card and carries the monetary equivalent of the cash you wish to deposit on Zoranga.
You can buy Zorapins from Zoranga Agents or resellers in your area. You can simply contact Zoranga agents in your areas here. Would you like to make extra income as a reseller of Zorapins? Simply enrol as a Zoranga Agent here

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Zoranga Fees and Charges

Deposit fees

Zorange charges 30% on all deposits made to customers’ account via MTN network. AIRTEL, GLO and 9MOBILE airtime deposits are charged 32%. Zoranga does not charge any fee for bank transfers.
However, there is a limit to the volume of deposits you can make to your Zoranga account daily via airtime. There is, however, no limit set for deposits made usingzorapins. The idea, I believe, is to increase the patronage for Zorapins, sold by Zoranga agents.

Bank Transfer fees

Bank transfers made via Zoranga are free forever! Zoranga does not charge any fee to process withdrawals from customers Zoranga account to any bank account. Typically, customers get a bank alert within 10 mins after withdrawal.

Merchant Setup

If you are running a Businesses, and you need to integrate the Zoranga API into your platform, you are required to pay a one-time refundable setup fee of ₦5,000 before your Zoranga account can be activated for merchant usage. This fee is dependent on the scale and scope of your business, which will be discussed prior to the integration of the API.

Airtel and GlO Deposits

Zoranga also accepts already loaded AIRTEL AND GLO airtime. Customers are required to contact the Zoranga support centre for guidelines.

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Payout through agents:

When you withdraw your money, that is cash, via a Zoranga agent, you are charged only 12.5% to your Zoranga account at the point of withdrawal.
The Zoranga agent does not charge you any extra amount to the cash you are withdrawing. Do you know you get a percentage,5%, of all transactions made by Zoranga customers?
To enjoy these juicy bonuses/commissions whenever a Zoranga customer makes withdraw or deposit through you, simply Click here to become a Zoranga agent today.

How To Fund and Make Transfers on your Zoranga Account

  1. Using Zorapin, purchased from a Zoranga agent
  2. Using MTN Airtime PIN which you can directly load to a Zoranga account.
  3. Using MTN Share and Sell
  4. Using already loaded airtime via MTN share and sell to your Zoranga account.

How To Send Airtime To Bank Account

There are two major ways of getting cash from your Zoranga account. See below.
  1. You can simply transfer your Zoranga funds to your bank account. For detailed guide on how to do that, kindly read here
  2. You can equally withdraw your money via a Zoranga agent closest to you by generating a 10-digit Zorapin from your account. A Zoranga agent will then instantly give you the cash equivalent of the PIN you generated after verifying it. Support and Customer Care customer service and online support. You can easily reach them via Call/WhatsApp on +2348067238359.
You can also Contact Zoranga via email, all of which are promptly replied within Mon-Sat 09:00- 18:00 GMT +1
Call/SMS/WhatsApp: +2348067238359
Zoranga customer and Support services are ok, and they are all Nigerians. You can contact Zoranga Support and discuss freely what your issue is with them easily. They will attend to you promptly and intelligently. It’s what I’ve done, and it’s ok.


So, with all these, what’s your take on this? Have you tried Zoranga before? Was it worthwhile? How long have you been on Zoranga? What is your testimony? Do you know of a better alternative to Zoranga which converts airtime to cash in Nigeria?

In Summary, 
The most important thing is to see this kind of opportunity, options and invite your friends from your Zoranga account. Enter your friends mobile number and Zoranga will invite them to signup.



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