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Draw your way through the Bible

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Picture Smart Bible
Is a Genesis-Revelation-course that help kids and adult to capture the amazing truth in each Bible by drawing them...

Draw your way through the Bible 


Would you like to learn the major themes, events, and characters of each book of the Bible? What if you could do it right alongside your children by reading, listening, drawing, and coloring?
You get all that and more in the Picture-Smart Bible!

Draw your way through the Bible In this innovative Bible study program, an overview of an entire book is illustrated on a single page that you can keep as a reference. When you are finished, you will have an illustration to save and an imprint on your mind to remember

The Picture-Smart Bible is the "big picture". It is perfect for a
foundational Bible course that helps students of all ages see how
the whole Bible fits together

Draw your way through the Bible An Ideal Bible Curriculum forHomeschool
Homeschool Clubs
Family Bible Study
Elderly care
Vacation Bible School
Sunday School
Youth groups
Christian schools
International ministries(ESL)
Personal study

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