Aims and Objectives

Creative Arts Solution 
a non-governmental foundation


  • To foster unity among members.

  • To positively influence youth through the medium of art.
  • To nurture youth who are professionally competent, creative and enterprising into becoming responsible citizens, zealous for the common good of society.

  • To use the medium of art to express and recreate our national image and to conquer barriers in art.

  • To use art through the medium of advert and social media; as a means of utilizing and maximizing the potential of youths across the nation.

  • To channel youths’ creative and intellectual abilities into solving societal challenges.
  • To give instruction and training in such branches of art both home and abroad in order to foster and in doing so, enable youths obtain the advantage of a liberal education.

  • To inspire, through teaching, amongst other means, interest in and appreciation of the Africa heritage and culture.

  • To any purpose promote by research (and other means) the advancement of knowledge of arts and its application of cultural, Socio- economic, scientific and technology problem,

  • To make financial or other provision for any international, national, or local, charitable, benevolent, public, general or useful object, or for any exhibition or competition, or for any purpose which may be considered likely directly or indirectly to further the object of the foundation.

  •  To establish, assist or provide resources for any project that appear to be necessary or convenient for the attainment of the objectives of  the foundation.
  • To create programs and establish institutions which encourage the continuous education     and improvement of artists and other person in their professional task. To collaborate with other artist and relevant corporate Foundation to achieve set objective.

To create a plate form for positive social change for young people that aligned with arts and to promote democratic value for the future generations.


To reduce poverty through charitable, social change, solutions and empowerment in arts educational resource in our nation both home and abroad


·        Passion for young people
·        Creativity and Originality
·        Leadership and democratic
·         Innovation and research


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