Auction Auto Bidder Affiliate

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 Auction Auto Bidder Affiliate

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Join the affiliate program and start getting paid:
  • 50% of all payments made by referred users for the Auction Auto Bidder Online service
  • 50% of all referred sales of the software (Basic or Standard edition) 
  • After signing up, you will be given a link to send people to along with an animated banner and other ways to refer sales. When people click your link, a cookie will be made on their computer to record you as the referrer of that sale, so if they do not buy immediately and return to purchase it up to a year later even without using your link you will still earn a commission.
  • You may send traffic from as many web sites/domains as you wish
  • You may not advertise on websites or forums that do not allow advertising
  • The minimum payout to receive a payment is $25.00
  • Payments are made by PayPal only at the beginning of each month if you have reached the minimum payout
  • You may not refer yourself
  • Your website can not be designed to look as if you are the original seller of the software
  • All earnings are paid in US dollars
  • In the rare event that a refund is given and a commission was paid for that sale, the commission will be canceled for that sale
  • Any users violating these terms of use will have their accounts closed without warning and all earnings due will be forfeited


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