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Article: Volunteer Final Approval

Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu 

Edition: 15

Year: October 1 2017

Published: Online by Creative Arts Solution Foundation

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                                                  Volunteer Final Approval ( Sample copy)

Creative Arts Solution Foundation have introduced a procedure for the Volunteer Final Approval effective from October 1 2017. By Mr. President/Chairman Mr. Olusola David, Ayibiowu in order to proffer Solutions to challenges encountered by  the volunteer ethics.
Procedures for Volunteer Final Approval
The procedure for our final Approval when we must have conducted the online survey volunteers interview and filling of volunteer form successfully to join our foundational volunteers as the case may be and that the volunteers need a Final Approval by the time the volunteer must have paid the Administrative fee.
Although with immediate effect Volunteer can begin to functions as  one of our foundational volunteers upon the filing of the form while the final approval is still pending order to carry out a thorough assessment performance for the volunteers towards the Final Approval.
This final approval may be released or not based on performance to our volunteers after a thorough review and assessment of performance for either Active Volunteer/ Inactive Volunteer.
The Final Approval automatically unlocked opportunity and future benefits of our volunteers as we add value to all our Volunteers if done in a correct manner, faithfully and with the integrity of the heart.
Questions regarding volunteers that they may want to ask why all this procedures?
It is because volunteer may think that you are just a volunteer.
And the answer that the volunteer may likely gets is NOT JUST A VOLUNTEER because a volunteer may deserves merit if done correctly and also our volunteers are potentials future References, Leaders,  Leader's of Tomorrow, Team leader's, Executive Members and it may lead to become a Trustees.

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Finally we have come to a conclusion from five years of past and present experiences that we learnt as a results of Active Volunteer and Inactive Volunteer. Some are very proactive and  diligent as a volunteer and also may be temporarily Active why others are just Inactive due to  challenges and personal mentality facing the volunteer.


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