Relevant Activities at Palm Grove Lagos, Nigeria,

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Article: Relevant Activities at Palm Grove Lagos, Nigeria
Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu
Edition: 22
Year: December 2017
Published: Online By Creative Arts Solution Foundation

Photo Taken by:  Olusola David, Ayibiowu
                                                      Find it on: Wikimedia Commons


This article is an attempt to document activities going on around Palm Grove, Lagos, Nigeria.
There are street marketing ongoing at palm grove bus-stop in Lagos.
the photograph is related to daily activities around our environment there by relation it to artworks.

The contemporary arts has enable the artists to see beyond the ordinary and ability to be able to produce or create sometime unique out the environment in which they find themselves. This activity can also to painted or demonstrated  by a visual artist inspiring the visualization through visual imagery has been an effective way to communication both abstract and concrete ideas since the dawn of humanity in our world today.

Road Marketing

There is a place at that particular junction where people make ends meet by going about their daily activities to earn daily income like people selling by the roadside where we have Fruits Seller on wheel Bairo at Palm Grove Bus-stop, 2017 located at a notable Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Filling Filling Station at Palm Grove. BRT bus-stop / buses are available and also Okada Riders as well as others Transportations to various destinations.

Findings and Research

Research on activities around there is going on presently on a daily basis as more information's are being gathered and updated.

Findings reveal slow movement all the way from this area are being caused by very busy Ikorodu road up to Rush hour traffic beginning from obanikoro to Maryland or Accident by trailers falling off along the road with their container crushing others vehicles like Accident between primero passenger bus and a private car inward Anthony isale causing very slow traffic all the way to particular area. Two trailers and a jeep had a mad accident at jibowu, the jeep was compressed fan. The traffic to onipanu, fadeyi may be heavy are time to yaba from palm grove.Mad slow traffic from Ojota to this same area are sometimes caused due to a slow traffic from Palm grove as a result of all this issues are times.

The good news about this area is that the road is sometimes traffic free and enable motorists and passengers to freely move around.

Advertisement on Street.

This area has been well utilized by various organizations and as well as companies who have come to the knowledge of creating awareness about their products offline at this conjunction.
Creating awareness or campaign has been a great advantage for future prospects and the already existing customers in their community.

Today's Changes.

Tremendous and positives changes have taken place in this area as the old dilapidated building has been renovated and some are being sold out to big organization's and companies e.g Tantalizers
GTbank Plc, Zenith Bank Plc, UBA, First Bank, RCCG, etc.The NNPC giving room for the motorists and businesses that uses fuel or diesel to fill their tank's in return for money as this led to creating a conducive environment for the rich and poor even the less privilege to be self-employed jobs in order to work and get busy.

Palm Grove Menus

Varieties of restaurants and hotels are also located at this area. As we all known that Great food and very reasonably priced no special conditions ( like minimum 2 plates ) linked to ordering special items.The fast food like Tantalizer, Mr Bigs, as well as local foods with affordable prices has added value and life styles to this environs.


The author of this articles is able to capture the scenario ongoing at this area.
The scene shows a lot of interesting daily activities captured in one photograph on Wikimedia Commons use on Wikipedia by the author who visit the area most of the time.

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