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School Exam 




An Offline Application

Prepared for: Creative Arts Solution Foundation
Prepared by: IAF SAWII Limited
Date submitted: 2017
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SEMS An Offline Application Presentation at Igbobi College Yaba Jan 10, 2018 
by IAF SAWII Limited in Partnership Creative Arts Solution Foundation
 a.k.a Olusola David, Ayibiowu President/Chairman

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Edition: First

Table of contents

1.    Executive Summary
2.    Statement of problems
3.    Proposed Solution
4.    Our Qualifications
5.    Requirements
6.    Deployment, Testing and Technical Support
7.    License Agreement
8.    Pricing and Payment Terms
9.    Contact Us

1.           Executive Summary

In this document, we propose a School Exam Management System (SEMS) for use in your school. SEMS is a set of computer software designed to enable schools to effectively and efficiently organize computer based test (CBT), management student exam records and generate report cards automatically.
IAF SAWII is a limited liability software company based in Nigeria.  We are on a mission to transform the way students learn as well as provide state-of-the-art software to schools to keep them ahead of the pack. We have been on this mission for over 3 years.
SEMS solves the problem associated with the traditional way of managing exam records. It takes way the mistakes commonly made during result computation. Teachers become more productive by spending more time developing themselves. In addition, your students get exposed to CBT which has become the standard for external examinations such as UTME, SAT and TOEFL.
It is important to know that SEMS works offline. It is designed to run on local server. This means you do not have to worry about access to the internet.
We look forward to helping your school to achieve paperless student exam records

2.           Statement of Problem

Every school is designed primarily to make students learn; and to quantity their level of knowledge, students get assessed. Managing student exam records is one of the most challenging management issues facing every school. Questions have to be set, students have to be invigilated, answer papers have to be graded and exam records have to be stored over a long period of time.
The traditional paper-and-pen way of managing exam records has a lot of drawbacks. Below are some of the drawbacks:
i.              It involves the use of paper and pen throughout. From question paper to answer paper to broad sheet and then to report cards. The problem with paper is that they are not durable and could be easily misplaced.
ii.            Since teachers are not machines, they occasionally make mistakes when grading, computing scores and recording scores.
iii.            It diminishes teachers’ productivity. Teachers spend significant amount of time processing exam records. This time could have been spent on self-development which will in turn boost their productivity.
iv.           Exam records are vulnerable to tampering by unauthorized persons. A class teacher for instance can easily change scores of their students.
v.            Students’ performance cannot be easily tracked and analyzed over a long period of time.
vi.           Exam records cannot be easily shared or reproduced. It always costs significantly to reproduce such records.
Unfortunately, most available solutions out are unaffordable and unreliable. Once internet is compulsory to manage exams, it becomes unreliable because Internet is still unreliable and expensive in Nigeria.

3.           Proposed Solution

We have put together some of the best minds in exam management to design a product that solves virtually all the problems associated with managing exam records. Our School Exam Management System (SEMS) provides schools with the finest tools to organize computer based tests (CBT), manage students and staff records, process results, send report cards and do much more. SEMS is designed for the 21st century schools willing to go paperless. Our system is robust, reliable and affordable.

Below are what you get for using our product:
i.              Our SEMS does not require access to the internet to work. It runs on local server. You do not have to worry about the cost of internet nor its availability. Our system is suitable for all schools even those in areas without the internet. Internet is only needed when results are to be sent via SMS and email. Sending results via these means is obviously optional.
ii.            We have designed a platform where you can clearly identity teachers taking each subject for each classroom. The platform makes it really easy to organize students’ records and assign privileges to teachers.
iii.           We have developed a complete kit for organizing objective and theory exams on computer. The kit includes a software for setting and organizing your questions with ease. You can set objective, sub-objective and theory questions. The interesting part is that objective and sub-objective questions are graded automatically.
iv.           Theory exams are saved and graded by authorized teachers. The grading is done electronically via the Teachers portal.
v.            The exam portal software has one of the best CBT engine. It allows questions with images, tables and scientific notation. Navigating from one question to another is superfast because it works offline. Students have access to onscreen calculator during test.
vi.           Our CBT system is built to handle power interruption. Students can continue exactly where they stopped after power must have been restored.
vii.          We understand that you may have continuous assessment written in paper and pen. Our system has room for scores to be provided manually.
viii.        We can customize the report card template to be exactly like what you want.
ix.           Result sheets, positions, grades, broad sheets and report cards are generated automatically. This gives teacher’s ample amount of time to focus on developing themselves.
x.             Results can be sent to students’ or parents’ phone numbers and email addresses. The report cards will be sent as attachment to their email addresses. This makes it possible for parents to print their wards report cards if they will.
xi.           We know that loss of exam records is intolerable. Our SEMS provides a way for you to backup all records both offline and online. This backup process happens by the click of a button. It is that simple.

Figure 1. Components of SEMS

4.           Our Qualifications

We understand that everyone would like to do business with an organization with good track records,that is the reason why we would like to share our track records with you.
i.              We have been in the business of CBT for over 3 years.
ii.            We have CBT products (TestDriller UTME and SSCE) that has been used by about 100,000 students in virtually all the states in Nigeria.
iii.           We have been trusted by over 200 resellers of our products.
iv.           We have schools currently using our SEMS including aviation institutions (one of which is Universal School of Aviation).
v.            We have seasoned software developers and passionate business development team.
vi.           We are a limited liability company registered in Nigeria. We have a real office in Lagos.
vii.          It is not a foreign software. It is developed by Nigerians in Nigeria. We can solve any technical issue you are facing. We can also customize the application to suit any school with special needs.

5.           Requirements

It is important you know all the requirements before deciding to use our product. You will need a set of computers where students will take tests and where teachers and administrator will perform their task. Normally, you will need tens of computers. However, if you do not want to use the CBT functionality, one or two computers are enough. Ultimately, you decide the number of computers you want to use.
Concretely, you should be able to provide the following:
i.              Computers  - desktops or laptops
ii.            Each computer should have Windows operating system, minimum version of Windows 7.
iii.           The server computer should not have a RAM whose value is less than 2GB. We recommend a minimum of 4GB RAM.
iv.           The client computers should have a minimum RAM of 1GB.
v.            Your computers should be networked.
vi.           If the server computer has no battery, we recommend that you connect it to a functional UPS. Not that if client computer goes off abruptly, nothing goes wrong; but the server computer should not go off during exams. We highly recommend UPS for desktop server computer.
vii.          You will need to provide at least an individual that will be trained to do the administrative part of the job.

6.           Deployment, Training and Technical Support

The software will be deployed based on our agreement. We can assign one of our technical staff to deploy and train your staff on how to setup and use the application. In a situation where we can deploy and train offsite, we will go for such option.
You will have access to our technical support team from Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm. We will also provide a detailed documentation on how to use the software.

7.           License Agreement

The SEMS is a product of IAF SAWII and no effort should be made to reproduce it in any way. You are responsible for backing up your data. We are not liable for any loss of data.

8.           Pricing and Payment Terms

First, we charge a one-time installation fee of N2,000. Next, you pay a license fee of N600 or N300 per student per term as it depends on our package with our others partnering company . This means if you have 100 students, you will pay a license fee of N30,000 per term for all the students. Once license expires, you will no longer be able to update exam records; you will only be able to view and print. Payment has to be made in full before licenses will be given. Note that you will be able to decide which student you want to license.
This price will be reviewed after two years.

9.           Contact Us

You can get in touch with us in any of the below ways:
By Phone – 08056032631
By Email –
By Website –


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