What Drives You and People to Act Nowadays?

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Article: What Drives You and People to Act Nowadays?
Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu

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Year: December 2017

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The most essential psychology, emotional, and behavioral that may drives us as human beings is self-motivation. 


Are you one of those people at work who’s driven to lead? Or why do you think people are driven to lead? What is the basic human drives that motivate us each day to do what we do?

This is one of the major psychological well-being factors that influences majorities when things are getting difficult. As your internal motivation produces in you a passion for life because it operates in the midst of your deepest desire and  vision for the future. As a result of this gives you tremendous internal motivation to begin to act on your purpose and gifts and to see your vision become a reality, as you exhibit the qualities of a self-starter.
You will find that you don't need to wait for someone to prompt you, or even if they eventually do.
To use your gift to work towards your goals; instead, you may not wait or can't wait to get up in the morning and continue working on them as a matter of fact because you have internal motivation within you.
It will be so cleared that your internal motivation and passion will foster a persevering attitude you possess within you especially in a supernatural forces, because no matter what or how long it takes you to think and develop your natural abilities, as you put your plans into action, or see results, you keep going on and keep believing and keep going forward ever.


Internal Motivation 

Researchers have discovered that the intrinsic value of internal motivation refers to behavior that is driven by internal rewards.
In other areas or perspective, the motivation  that prompt people or person to engage in a particular behavior arises from within the individual or personally related to the group of people who just feel within themselves that it's natural or because it is naturally satisfying to them. Then we need to someone’s when was the last time you did something simply for the enjoyment of the activity itself? Because there are a number of activities that fall into this category.
For instance, you may play a game, write a story, you may plant a garden, paint a picture or read a book, evangelize. All these may produce a result or may not produce something or be rewarded in any way but it’s all depend on the ways we approached them. Instead, we do them because we like to, they make us happy.
Let’s consider this illustration for a moment. What’s motivation you to read this article?
If you are reading it because you are just interested in reading articles and simply want to learn or know more about the topic of motivation, then you are acting based upon intrinsic motivation.
If, however, reading this article by now; because you have to learn the information concerning motivation for a representation in a class in order to avoid getting a bad grade, then you are acting based upon extrinsic motivation.
In other words, as we contrasts with extrinsic motivation, that's to say it’s generally involves engaging in a behavior in order to earn external rewards or avoid punishment.


What’s your Passion? 

We need to bear in mind that one of the greatest passions is helping others. As you help others to succeed you are indirectly helping yourself to an extent. Someone’s once said by telling her story saying that when she was younger, she enjoyed helping her mother with household repairs. As she grew older, that habit grew with her and desired to help others as well. Today this person is delighted in helping people to find solutions that meet their specific needs.
Another person whose profession is visual arts also tell a story while is passionate about painting. The artist’s take an evening art class once a week and try to find time each weekend to paint. Painting is a good way for this artist to relax after a busy week.


Another points of view, also shows a person who lost one of its parent to pancreatic cancer and ever since then, the person have spent time volunteering to help raise awareness and funding for cancer research. This person also volunteer for Pan Can, an advocacy group. One of the things is passionate about is assisting in finding a cure, also love getting to know patients and survivors on a personal level.
Why some others may be passionate about making a difference. When they involved in a project at work, they want to contribute or do their best to achieve success. They also feel the same way about what they do in their personal life.
 Why some people are every passionate about baking: They love the process of researching new recipes, and testing them out. They may develop passion writing up their experiences in baking for the past three years, and every year, I host a massive cookie swap around the holiday time with friends.

Animals are passion to some people. They may have two dogs and a cat, and volunteer at pet adoption clinics on the weekend. They also enjoy early morning walks and weekend hikes with their dogs. It helps them to focus and gather their thoughts.
For example,
If we look at a different aspects by relating this to an interview perspective or session on how to respond to what drives you or passionate about? We may get some responses like.
If you are that type of person, who doesn’t really have the sense of what mostly drives you in life.
If you can’t easily identify what drives you in a particular passion or in one way or the other?
As an example relating to this is that your response doesn't need to be focused on work, but it should demonstrate your ability to devote yourself to a particular task or hobby about which you are passionate. If what you're passionate is very personal, then you don't have an obligation for any reason to share it with an employer. Instead, you could share something else that you're interested in doing and give a reasonable and simple response about that. Whatever your response are should be back up or, provide with some examples of how you have dedicated yourself to that interest or activity as the case may implies. You can also mention goals (such as training for a race, if running is your passion), which gives interviewers a sense of your long-term thinking and perseverance in your response and action.

Power drives people 

There is one thing to watch out for nowadays, though. While having power can make you happier, but seeking power does not make you happier.  With series of finding there is quite a bit of evidence that people who spend their lives seeking power do not focus on the intrinsic joy of life.  So, people who seek power are actually less happy than those who do not.
The major question to ask now is there a way out of this paradox?  That is, how can you have power without seeking it?
To become powerful is when you get try to focus on attaining power in many ways.  But this kind of scheming may succeed, but time will tell on you as it is likely to make you unhappy at last.
 The other way round to become powerful is to spend your life getting things done.  In a work setting, that means focusing on the contribution you can make to your organization (and making sure that people above you in the organization recognize your achievements). 
 From the aspects of social life that means doing things for the people around you.  Will makes you to experience personal fulfillment, contentment and gratification that come serving the world through your natural gifts and inherent purpose. As long as you are effective in the things you do, and you have certainty that you aren't wasting your life but rather you are using your time, talent, experience, and energy in the best ways. People will never forget and often recognize that. In addition, to this getting things done makes you happy.

The truth is if you consistently do things in your life that help you and others achieve goals, then your journey is a happy one. Without any doubt over time, you will find that you will rise to a position of power within your network.  And that definitely will makes you happy.
Nowadays research shows that there is a popular image that people who are in positions of power are really unfulfilled. Maybe perhaps they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.  And being able to choose to do what you want carries a psychological cost.  Or, perhaps this belief is just wishful thinking on the part of people who do not have power in their lives. Maybe, those people who have the power to do what they want in life really are more satisfied than those who don’t. Although people felt better about their romantic relationships when they felt like they had some control in the relationship.  People enjoyed their friendships more if they had some power within their group of friends. 


Most of the important changes you’ve made in your life, that is, especially those that persist continually over time, then you’ll likely find that many of them involved a rather high level of emotional drive arousal. It’s precisely these kind of strong emotional reactions that can act as a catalyst to increase motivation and commitment.


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