Open House An Exhibition of Contemporary Nigerian Art at Mydrim Gallery On August 2009 by Vason

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Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu

                                       Open House exhibition catalogue front cover 2009 

                                          Artist: AYIBIOWU Sola
                                          Title: Battle
                                          Medium: Pastel
                  Note: This Ayibiowu Sola artwork is located at the Channels TV office.

Vason Open House exhibition was an exciting experienced an artist should always remember in memory of the Late Mr. Sammy Olagbaju who during is period here on earth has positively influenced an artist like AYIBIOWU Sola by  encouraging him to be part of this exhibition of Contemporary Nigerian Art at the Mydrim Gallery. And the exhibition took place On Thursday 20th August 2009 at 5:00pm and runs till Wednesday of 3rd of September, 2009.

Mydrim Gallery is a reality borne out of a dream rooted in a passion for the beauty expressed through art. African artists have been able to express the richness of the African culture through several media. The gallery through various exhibitions and the sale of art, focuses on the immense talent of our artists and the message their works convey.
we display the best art, from the best artists!

Mydrim Gallery was established in Lagos, Nigeria in 1992 by Sinmidele Adesanya as the Founder. The gallery located at 74B Norman Williams Street S.W Ikoyi, just off the busy Awolowo Road seeks to focus on the wealth, beauty and message their works convey.
Art collectors have developed a discerning eye for high quality works of art. Mydrim Gallery understands that art is a medium of expression and that artists have the liberty to express real, surreal and abstract situations. The gallery therefore continues to promote and project the expression of talent in art by:
Further developing an awareness of the visual arts in the society. Stimulating and educating the public about the nature and essence of art in human life.

Mydrim Gallery has been providing a conducive environment for the sale of artworks. Promoting talented artists by ensuring effective exposure in the world today.

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