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    WeBuzz.IM is an online free web instant messenger that helps you chat with 
     your friends on Google Talk. And WeBuzz.IM also supports 
     WeBuzz.IM team is dedicating to build web instant messenger services
    / with better security, accessibility and user experience.
    To use WeBuzz.IM, all you need is a modern browser, like Firefox 3.0+ (Recommended),
    You can use WeBuzz.IM anywhere, Windows/Linux PC, Mac, home or office behind firewall.
Karoo Lark     Hi, webuzz.im web messenger users,
informationWe are strongly recommending you moving to our primary   
Karoo Lark web messenger: http://karoolark.com/ .
webuzz.im is our old web messenger with old UI layout. We recommended moving to    
    our latest web messenger karoolark.com, which has a more modern new UI layout.
    Please move to Karoo Lark web messenger. We think you will like it.

    About Google Talk

    Google Talk (GTalk) is a free-of-charge (but proprietary software) Windows
    web-based application for instant messaging and voice over internet protocol
    (VOIP), offered by Google Inc. The first beta version of the program was
    released on August 24, 2005.The Google Talk client is only available for Microsoft Windows (2000, XP,
    Server 2003, Vista and Windows 7), but Google Chat (voice and video chat)
    is now available for PCs and Intel-based Macs. Google Talk mobile clients are also
    available for the Palm Pre, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android-based devices and is preloaded
    on the Nokia N900 smartphone. With the release of the Google Talk gadget, users of all platforms
    supported by Adobe Flash Player can also use Google Talk.[1] Many other XMPP clients are
    compatible with Google Talk, and support a variety of other platforms.
    WeBuzz.IM Gtalk client is both a web Gtalk messenger and a desktop Gtalk client, developed
    using JavaScript toolkit Java2Script. WeBuzz.IM Gtalk is providing better user experience than
    the one embeded with GMail. It uses the same UI of Google Talk Desktop Client. It uses HTTP
    connections not XMPP connections, which means that it is firewall free or Websense free. Firewall
    or Websense may block you from using Gtalk/MSN by blocking certain ports, but it may never block
    port 80 or 443 (https port). So this web Gtalk will allow you to use your Gtalk service even if you get
    blocked by your company firewall.

    WeBuzz.IM Gtalk Server List

      For WeBuzz.IM web Gtalk services, you can visit:
  1. http://webuzz.im/gtalk/ (Primary server, recommended)
  2. http://webuzztogether.com/#gtalk (New)
  3. http://izuz.net/gtalk/
  4. http://uziz.net/#gtalk
  5. http://java2script.net/
  6. http://java2script.com/
  7. http://java2script.org/
  8. http://kexmail.com/z.html#gtalk
  9. http://demo.java2script.org/gtalk/
    To play in-lab new features, please visit WeBuzz.IM beta services.
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