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Article: Volunteer

Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu 

Edition : 15

Year : September 30 2017

Published: Online by Creative Arts Solution Foundation


Volunteer can easily be defined as One who enters into, or offers for, any service of his/her own free will, especially when done without pay.

 Volunteer Benefits 

According to the definition and  nature of this voluntary works by volunteers.
It's automatically unlocked the future benefits of volunteers if done correctly in a voluntary manner and faithfully with integrity of the heart may be indirecting entitled to future benefits by the authorities of where they rendered free service as a volunteers or vice versa.

Others Volunteer Benefits may include:
* Freedom 
* Promotion
* Heavenly reward 
* Skills acquisition/Talent may be acquired during this process.
* Enjoy Free Training 
* Travel's
* Merits 
* Gift items 
* Sports
* Free Medical Check-up ( health provisions) and much more.


We can also include things like A plant that grows spontaneously, without being cultivated on purpose; or  perhaps people or  person who acts out of his own will without a legal obligation, such as a donor are not left out of this particular article.


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