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Article (Religious Beliefs):
Title: Story of Hell
Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu
Edition: 12
Year: 17 September 2017
Published: Online by Creative Arts Solution Foundation 
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Hell, in many religious beliefs and traditions, is a place or state of torment and punishment in an afterlife. Religions with a linear divine history often depict hells as eternal destinations.

Place of God's final retributive punishment. Scripture progressively develops this destiny of the wicked: the Old Testament outlines the framework, while the New Testament elaborates on it. Jesus, however, is most responsible for defining hell.

According to a book Title: 4-HOUR INTERVIEWS IN HELL written by 'Yemi Bankole in it's new edition from Chapter 6.  Pages 38-44 with a permission granted to use this book as a reference point.
Experience has definitely shown that some reasons for holding a belief are much more likely to be justified by event than others. It might naturally be supposed, for instance, that the best of all reasons for accompanying the belief. By crucial test of experiment, the rich man in the Book of St. Luke attests to the existence of hell. The Book of Revelation of the Holy Bible has said more and its assertion being an effective enough means of catching the picture of hell. Friends, hell is real, though some on hearing this may forthwith burst into a violent fit of laughter. But the Bible and the human experience similar to mine have considerably built a consistently satisfactory foundation for this reality.
     Back to my interview, the place remained as tensed as usual, as hopeless for the hell inmates as when I came in with the angle and no reduction whatever was noted in the number of those trotting inside it minute. In that hopeless state, many abandoned themselves in frantic grief, wandering about in terrible flame, wringing their heads and uttering groans and lamentation; others called upon God for succour and many eat down in silent and sullen despair while years were elapsing upon their cheeks day by day. The environment was devoid of every exigency of everyday life.
The craving of hunger and thirst was intend.
      While in this peak of sorrow, I saw a man-making eight,  whose identity I will be silent about as possible. I'm talking about an overseer of a church and an acclaimed "minister of God" , who contributed much to the early missionary activities in Nigeria and in other African states. Before his death, he was the overseer of his church when the founder died in the early fifties. Up till today, whenever some of his church members speak with me, they still allude to his heroic effort in the gospel, while on earth.
Whereas, he's suffering bitterly in hell.
      What a terrible scene is this? How managed? What happened? The servant of in the abyss. All this question ran through my heart. This is not unconnected with the miracles and healing wrought by this man which gave everybody a marked impression that he has gone to the bossom of the Father. But it's a pity!
        Gradually, as I saw him in the vision, he drew near the bank.
        "Sir, what happened?" I reverently asked.
        " Friend, from where? Do you know me?" he asked.
         " It seems so Sir! I think you were Reverend so and so," I replied with heaviness of mind.
         " I pity the tragic condition of this place. Upon all the struggling for preaching of those years," I continued.
          Dear, I never dreamt of coming to a place here too. My waking thought was heaven while on earth, but for a lesson learned too late my hope became a mirage. Friend, this is what happened. U preached for thirty-two years in the world.
I preached salvation by grace; hell fire as a reality and the imminent coming of Christ called the rapture.
Presently in heaven, are good number of these good teachings from me. But two years before death struck. I took part of the money meant for church building to conduct a wedding ceremony my granddaughter. And this being unknown to anybody, I let go. At the end of the year, I wrote the financial report that the whole amount contributed was spent for the project. After a sermon one Sunday evening, I took I'll which ended in my death. Before l got to the main gate I was diverted here. I doubted it, until the book of record was opened which carried all my good Christian services. But underneath all the rendered services it is written "Not to be remembered because he took a holy thing". The angel in charge further disclosed that the church money which I took was contributed out if sweat by the church members and that faithfulness demands for a just and true account. He added that my report was not in conformity with the gospel standard of stewardship and that the act betrayed my office as a minister," he explained.
      "But Sir, did you plead for mercy?" I asked. "I did, but angel replied that forgiveness is possible only in the world, but reward or judgement is determined there at the gate, "he answered.
In less than five minutes after his last utterance, the hell quaked terribly, the tide rose to a high crest in anger; the fire unleashed it's flame again, and with gnashing of teeth this Reverend fell backward and sank down. I shook my head and mourned for long.
     That was the last person I saw and I woke up in my room at five minutes to six o'clock. I trembled, I became greatly afraid. Without wasting time I called for my friends around and narrated what I saw to them.
      Friends, thus is the picture of external sorrow and the scene of people in the abyss. Those over there waded through soft earth and wet mud; blissful life and bleak world. Some, before death came were victims of misfortunes and others were opportunists, some of gentle demeanour and some were very opinionated, A whole lot bided the world farewell as drunks, cheats, to rich prostitutes, simple-minded liars, divorcees, and polygamous while others slept with their philosophy "no time for repentance now" but they had time to ask for water in hell. They paid the nature their debt and whole world did pay them their last respect. Dear listeners, beholding the ages of the people in hell it's surprising that some young, unachieved teenagers are there, leaving their parents behind Orphans too, are not exempted, joining their late parents. Sprinters and bachelors without spouse, without issues also went to the region of silence while no refusal was given to married ones with fleet of children.
When I saw all these I forgot my past achievement and my heart melted in compassion. When I remembered that great day when all shall stand before the Judge of mankind, I trembled.
 Before we sleep tonight, Dare and my friends: Kunle and Martins, Up want you all to turn Jesus Christ, by confessing your sins and turning away from them. Death is inevitable, but God up till now, is still in the exercise of writing the name of repentant sinners in the Book of Life. Disallow all delay!
      That was my story, let's pray before going to bed. It's half past eleven already."
Dear reader that was Allen Bamgbose narrating Gus four-hour experience bedside hell fire. The audience if Mr Bamgbose on hearing tragic enough a story, went on their knees with a humble spirit, confessed to God everything they considered might hinder them from seeing Him. They accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour that night.
     The big question before us is, who will be the next to experience suffering so unbearable, and the punishment so severe in hell, after reading all this? I plead with you, dear reader, to accept Jesus Christ this day and this hour, Jesus has everlasting life to offer your soul now, but sin and Satan have everlasting shame and the torment of eternity to offer all unsaved souls. Choose life everlasting. Do not be late! The offer is yours now, tomorrow is not certain.

In summary,
Since hell is not a natural fixture of creation but results from the fall and is destiny of the wicked, however, hell is being personifies as the demonic forces behind sin. The sinful tongue is itself aroused and "set on fire by hell"

4-HOUR INTERVIEWS IN HELL written by 'Yemi Bakole in it's new edition Chapter 6. Pages 38-44 with a permission granted to use this book as a reference point.
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