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* Are you an entrepreneur?
* Learn how to increase revenue and become a multi-car     
   Ubrex owner
* Grow/Start your Uber business today!

·         Get expert techniques that Uber wouldn’t tell you.
·         Grow your existing fleet of Uber cars faster.
·         Hours worth of comparative to analysis to help you your Uber business.
·         Grow your existing fleet of Uber cars faster 

Crush Your Competition

Increase your 5 year average Return On Investment by up to 300%! Follow our Uber Black car acquisition model (choose which is best for you) and get tested industry secrets to maximize your profits.

Know your options - Lease, Finance or Buy your Uber Black Car

You will receive comparative analysis on the various purchase options (information you will not find anywhere else at our price). You will also get access to critical information that will help you save thousands of dollars as yTrack Your Progress And Take Notes

We do the leg-work for you, so you don’t have to. We make starting/growing your Uber Black business simple and easy. We help jumpstart the process. You can't get this anywhere else (even on Uber.com)
ou make the decision to grow your Uber Black fleet.


Take a look at what you will immediately be able to download after purchasing the “Own an Uber Black Fleet Package”:

1.    Business Assessment Report
The Own an Uber Black Fleet –Business Assessment Report will help the Uber Partner, Uber Driver, and Limousine Business Owner:
  • Understand Uber’s business model
  • Define the key business players of a multi-car Uber business & their responsibilities
  • Identify risks in the Uber Black business and receive strategies to mitigate the risks
  • Identify and define the Cost Model of the Uber Black business
  • Receive revenue and profit estimates for the Uber Black business
  • Identify key information to start/grow your business
  • Define the exit strategy, if the Uber Black business is not for you.
2. Quick Summary Guide
Have limited time and eager to start your business? The “Own an Uber Black Fleet” – Quick Summary Guide will provide:
  • A quick overview of the Uber Black business model for multi-car Uber Black owners
  • The pros and cons of the Uber Black business.
  • The key business players of a multi-car Uber business & their responsibilities
3. Financial Workbook (excel)
Concerned about maximum profits and ROI (return on investment)? The “Own an Uber Black Fleet” – Financial Workbook will provide an easy to use tool which:
  • Estimates key Uber Black business costs (based on financials and business inputs specific to you and you alone)
  • Estimates your proj. profit based on decisions that are relevant & specific to you.
  • Estimates your return on investment for different car acquisition scenarios (Car Financing vs. Car Leasing vs. Purchase)
  • Makes it easy to make a very objective decision prior to investing thousands of dollars and man hours in the Uber Black Business.
Note, if you got this single product alone for the price of the kit it would be well worth your investment. This calculator alone, can make the difference between an overall loss, or profit for a given year.

4. How to use the Financial Workbook
For the busy Uber Driver, Uber Partner, or Limousine Business Owner: This guide provides step by step information on how to use the Financial Workbook. This will enable you start/expand your business faster!
5. Uber black fleet startup checklist
For the new Uber Driver, Uber Partner, or Limousine Business Owner:
  • This checklist keeps you on track, and gives you a measurable gauge that tells you how close you are to getting your new business up and running.
  • We also provide a checklist for existing Uber Drivers/Partners/Limousine Business Owners. This checklist will let you know how close you are to expanding your Uber Black business!
6. List of companies that provide livery insurance
Are you having issues identifying livery insurance companies that will support your Uber Black business? This report will make that process one step easier. This report will also reduce your ramp up time and help get your Uber Black business up and running in no time. (Traditional insurance companies like GEICO and ALLSTATE DO NOT PROVIDE this type of insurance)

7. Sample Drivers Agreement    
With a full team of drivers running your fleet of Uber Black vehicles, there is a need to have a standard set of rules and regulations for the drivers. We make this process easy by providing you with a template agreement which you can leverage and customize to suit your business. We do the paperwork for you, while you focus on running a profitable business.

8. Sample Drivers Log
In order to remain profitable, saving money on your Taxes is as important as making more money from your Uber Black vehicles:
  • We provide you with a Driver’s log which you can use to track not only trips made while transporting passengers but also all miles accrued as part of running your Uber Black business.
  • For the more digitally inclined Uber business owner, we also provide you some digital resources which should help with the arduous task of keeping track of your mileage and ultimately getting more money back during tax season.


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