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Creative Arts Solution
a non-governmental foundation

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This app is specially created by the app creator, Olusola David, Ayibiowu since 3rd & 14th of Nov 2018.

App Name:
Creative Arts Solution Foundation

Target Audience: Everyone, company, organization, foundation, NGOs, stakeholders, social media, visual arts, social platform, politics, donors, marketers, advertisers, Arts Exhibition, businesses as well as sales order online app.

Benefits: Everyone can edit, add, delete, create your own advertisement on this app within 5 Minutes or 45 Minutes.

Access to all features of the AppSheet in order to create an app for business and personal use, association, organization, and for positive influence in our society by creating awareness on particular ongoing programs, political events, products, online marketing to generate a lead. It also serves as a medium for effective and positive traffic sources to blogger, social media, website. And other people in their professional field or task

* Warning:
This app is not for someone who is involved in a fraudulent act or activities.
Anyone found who are involved in fraud is not welcome on this app platform

* Termination of account with immediate effect and without notice if found involved in fraudulence on this particular platform

Add Users.
We add users to this platform by whitelist as you send your email to

Creative Arts Solution Foun... is Ready

Congratulations, 'Creative Arts Solution Foun...' is created and ready to be configured. Install it on your device, continue customizing it in the editor & share it with your team!

Install Creative Arts Solution Foun...

Customize Creative Arts Solution Foun...

We ask others to use our app and optionally assist us in authoring the app


How to use the app

Step 1.

* Download Appsheet on your mobile through Google play store for (Android or iOS).

To install the app, open this link on your mobile device:
Use this install link on AppSheet to Run the app in your browser :

Sign in to AppSheet with any of this account below:
* Google (Gmail)
* Office365
* Dropbox
* Smartsheet
* Box
* Salesforce

Logout: You can logout when you are done.

Step 2
Click on the top button (left) to view the menu button: Document, Link website, Order Sales person, Assistant, Feedback

Use the Bottom button for Share, Customer by organization, organization chart, person, sync, as you click any of this button to view.

Step 3

Edit any of the already empty existing pages with sample photos by removing it and replace by uploading your photo and the organization as you edit and change the name to your name on our app platform and add your logo or photo. Etc.

* Email: Press the email icon to send an email by sharing with email or Gmail based on your mobile setting.

* Phone call: make a phone call with the app phone icon by clicking on it to call.
* Massager (Facebook massager) You can use the app to link Facebook massager. Message-Text and Video chat for free.

* Send SMS (short message service):
Send SMS with Hangout, messages using this app message icon

* Feedback: Use the feedback button to send us your opinion on app or others information

* App gallery: use the app gallery to view more of our existing app like Volunteer form- Creative Arts Solution Foundation.

Step 4
Share: click on the share icon button at the bottom of customer as you place (upload) order photo of your work to be displayed.

Share the icon button on social media, platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Etc.

Please note the following as you may want to create a New App as you click on the top menu button (left) to locate the New App and create new one for yourself of necessary as you want it.
Use free prototype/standard when to deploy your app.

Upgrade: is available based on your app creator structure to determine what plan (Premium like Pro on a monthly fees charge or per annual payment fee to be paid per user or the app owner as they charge or debit your credit card based on the app setting when approved as it pass through test when you run it.

Get support online AppSheet for more information


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