Dangers of bad Sentiment of Nowadays

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Article Title: Dangers of bad Sentiment of Nowadays 

Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu
Edition: 34
Year: 12 September, 2019
Published: Online by Creative Arts Solution Foundation

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A man from Malawi injured after an attack on foreign workers

Foreign workers in South Africa have been targeted 

The sentiment is usually a thought, opinion, or idea based on a feeling about a situation, or a way of thinking about something like what we have seen happening in South Africa Xenophobic Attack

South Africa and the Sentiment

South Africa is the mother of various Bantu speaking groups that have worked collectively into making their country what it is today.

Some of the most famous South African tribes are as follows: Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana, Pedi, Other Popular South African Tribes include Venda, Ndebele, Tsonga, Pondo, Swati.

Furthermore, A Pew Research poll conducted in 2018 showed that 62% of South Africans viewed immigrants as a burden on society by taking jobs and social benefits and that 61% of South Africans thought that immigrants were more responsible for the crime.

The trade practices of Somali traders in South Africa. According to Gastrow, most small foreign retailers set a low mark-up to make a high turnover, they locate their businesses in highly trafficked pedestrian areas, and they open early and close late and have a wider product range.

On the other hand, Nigeria says it will repatriate some 600 citizens from South Africa after a wave of xenophobic violence which led to tensions between the two countries. Some will leave on two flights on Wednesday, Nigeria's Consul General in Johannesburg told the BBC.
Ten people, including two foreigners, were killed in the city last week when mobs attacked foreign-owned businesses.
The attacks started after lorry drivers staged a strike to protest against the employment of foreigners.
South Africa has become a magnet for migrants from other parts of Africa as it has one of the continent's biggest and most developed economies.

But there is also high unemployment in the country and some people feel foreigners are taking their jobs. This may be related to the tribal or societies sentiment of South Africans in September 2019. It may also be described as Xenophobic Attack.

Dangers of sentiment in leadership decision.

In a nutshell, when it comes to sentiment, emotions which sometimes distorts the reality as well as a loss of power of objectivity.

These dangers of sentiment in leadership decision includes:
 * Inability to take proper action.
 * Inability to reinforce and enforce what is right
 * Inability to correct what is wrong.
 * The leader is disrobed of sensibility.
 * Sentiments affect our judgment, beclouding it.
 * Sentiment poses a challenge to our professionalism, political powers and many more.

We must eschew all forms of bad sentiments from us.

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Leadership and sentiment a curse or blessing



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