Attitude of Winners In All Situations

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Title: Attitude of Winners In All Situations
The article was written by Olusola David Ayibiowu
July 1, 2021.

Generally speaking, this is the period we are facing or experiencing different types of insecurity especially in Nigeria today. But the winning edge concept according research shows that this has been proven to be a winners with positive mental attitude in all circumstances or situations.

As l quote "Winning edge makes the differences by adding value no matter the challengers"

It means that for a nation or some people's to be winner's.

There are so many factors or things that may likely represent or serve as a challenger of destine to them.

For them to be a winner they must have passed through fire or gone through serious havoc, challenge, pains, setbacks, obstacles, heart- break, disappointment, frustration, discouragmemt, famine, sorrow and terrible battle's of life.

And somehow value is added to us as a people or nation, would win at the end of it all by God's intervention to overcome all our challenges. 

This is an opinion on the situation challenging us or happening around the world


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