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Article Title: Review of Recommended Products on Swissgarde
Author:  Olusola David, Ayibiowu
Published Online by: Creative Arts Solution Foundation
Date: 7 July 2019
Edition: 33
It has been scientifically proven since 1991, in Johannesburg-South Africa, by Pharmacist Mr. Lou Bayhack who had a dream of creating a company that allowed people from all works of life, all ages, and educational background to earn a substantial monthly income. And also in 2001, swissgarde was introduced to Nigeria by Mrs. Lovelyn Nneka Nwarueze.
On the other hand, majority of people who are involved in a way as distributors or customers, clients, using these products can testify that Swissgarde is a health, wealth and beauty networking company offering lifelong happiness and business opportunity to determined people.
The naturegarde products contain Vitamins and Minerals while the herbalgarde product contains Herbal and Plant extracts.
Swissgarde products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and rate processed naturally with no preservative or chemical which may adversely affect the body.
Talking about the positive personal experienced on products recommended for patient suffering from illness was enormous with the use of Quantum Magnetic Body Analyser for a medical check-up as the response from customers are very encouraging before products are being recommended for use. We are also using this medium to reach out to those who are determined to join us as you register by using this Name: Olusola Ayibiowu. Sponsor ID: 6557672 in order to work together as a team. 

Benefits of joining us:
* Enjoy financial freedom   
* Be your own boss 
*Be in control of your time 
*Guarantee yearly visa...
 *Free household utensils every month 
All expenses paid holiday round the globe 
* Buy products at discount price every month 
*Weekly free Seminar and product training 
* Value for your money either as a user or as a distributor 
* Pay a token for registration fee to become a distributor as you download Swissgarde Distributor Application Form Visit:
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Swissgarde Distributor: Sponsor Name: Olusola Ayibiowu
Sponsor ID: 6557672

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The products are as follows:
Aloe Power

A unique high potency health supplement containing specially selected ingredients such as Aloe Power, Aloe Vera Power, Aloe Vera Bitters, Vitamin C, Ginseng, Chinese Green Tea and the herb.

  • It help to offer anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Improves general health
  • It help boost immune system against infections
  • It help to enhance blood sugar in diabetes  situation and stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • It help to treat piles (it contains soluble fibre for easy digestion)
  • Aids poor digestion and cleanses the digestive system.
  • It help to fight staphylococcus infection
  • It help to regulate cholesterol levels (blood fat)
  • It help to regulate high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • It helps to burn belly fat due to green tea content
  • It helps to dissolve kidney stones
  • It help fight cancer and restrict cancer cell growth
  • It helps to detoxifying the whole body
  • Serve as a safe health tonic for young people and old
  • It’s Nutritional support for people living with HIV/Aids
  • Helps improve the look and healthy skin
  • Help address certain female issue such as blocked fallopian tubes and ovarian cyst, it prevent menstrual pains and scanty menstruations (as part of a combination)

Defender Capsules

Contains 7 anti-oxidants to help defend and build immune system namely, Vitamin A, C, E Garlic, Selenium, Zinc and Grape seed extract.

  • It is natural antibiotic and it helps build up the immune system
  • It protects the body against any infection even sexually transmitted diseases STD e.g. staphylococcus, gonorrhoea
  • It is anti-oxidant against poising, germ and bacteria in the body
  • It is a strong anti-cancerous agent
  • It defends the body against cold and flu and it relives chest pain
  • It protect the body against coronary heart diseases
  • It is good for any kind of inflammation
  • It allows the T-cells to be in combating infection

    Supper Cider Capsules

    It contains cider vinegar, Apple pectin and Propolis (from the bee hive) which assist in keeping the urine acidic, thereby reducing the potential for infections

    • It prevent and treat urinary infection
    • It help break down fat in the body
    • It’s an aid of poor digestion and prevent excessive gas in the intestine.
    • It enhances the action of certain Vitamin and minerals.
    • It helps people with kidney problems
    • It prevent and cure and cancer patients
    • It helps in quick recovery from illness
    • It is a natural antibiotics that helps prevent cold and cough

    Stress Active Capsules

    A comprehensive Multi-Vitamin preparation with 18 Amino acids and the herb Ginseng. Recommended for people who suffer mental and physical stress.

    • It’s a pain killer and prevents headache such as migraine.
    • It’s a high multivitamin physical and mental
    • Its wonderful for stress management
    • It protects the lung, good for smoker
    • It helps calm the nerves
    • It’s good for epilepsy
    • It provide stamina and effective energy booster.

    Rev-Up Capsules

    The loss of libido (sexual desire) in men and women can have many causes: for example, stress, age, lack of energy and stamina are some of them.

    • It increase fertility
    • It removes stress and build the immune system
    • It prevent weak erection and quick ejaculation
    • It boost up the body energy and stamina
    • It boost the libido (sexual feeling)
    • It enhances sexual activities

    Double Power Tablets

    It contains a combination of selected Vitamins, Amino Acids, Kola extract, Spirulina, Guarana and Ginseng.

    • It increase fertility
    • It prevents early aging
    • It stimulates sexual urges and performance
    • It helps to boost sexual energy and body vigour
    • It’s good for relaxation
    • It improves mental alertness
    • It revitalized the body cells and organs

    A & R Complex Tablets

    Devils claw, a plant which grows in Namibia Cod liver oil (contains Vitamin A and D) Celery seed and the trace mineral called Selenium.

    • It prevent Arthritis and rheumatism
    • It combats joint and muscle pains
    • It reliefs backache and waist pains
    • It prevent muscle pull
    • It enhances cartilage repair in the body

    Skin Hair and Nail Tablets

    Contains nutrients essential for healthy skin, shiny hair and strong nails.

    • It nourishes the skin hair breakage.
    • It promotes healthier hair, prevent hair breakage.
    • It prevent skin irritation and blemishing skin.
    • It builds stronger nails and radiates the skin
    • It helps prevent pre-mature grey and bald hair.
    • It is good for pregnant and nursing mothers

    Immune Booster Capsule

    Contains Echinacea, Vitamin C, Garlic Oil, Cod Liver Oil (for Vitamin A and D), Ginger Extract, Peppermint Oil, Selenium and Citrus-Bioflavonoids.

    • It help boost and build up the immune system
    • It’s a high resistance against any frequency infection cause by germ, bacteria and viruses
    • It protect the body against cancer, Heart diseases and fever, arthritis and symptoms of aging

    Omega plus Capsule

    Contains 4 oils: Omega-3 (fish oil), Omega-6 (from the plants Evening primrose and Borage) and Omega-9 (derived from Olive oil) and Garlic oil.

    • It helps to regulate and normalize blood pressure
    • It helps to prevents gout, it also lower high cholesterol in the body
    • It helps to normalizes abnormal breathing.
    • It helps to prevent liver fat and widespread pain due to arthritis, rheumatism and chest pain
    • It helps to menstrual cramps and eczema treatment.
    • It helps to burning sensation (head and feet)
    • It is good for cirrhosis and hepatitis of liver

    Cal-C-Mag Tablet

    Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins C and D and Boron.

    • It important for normal blood clothing and it relives waist and back pains
    • It regulate normal heart beat
    • It is useful for dislocation and wound healing
    • It build strong bones and teeth
    • It prevents osteoporosis (fragile bones)
    • It regulate the nervous system
    • It eases free movement of the body
    • It is good for pregnant and nursing mothers

    Diavite Capsules

    A combination of B COMPLEX Vitamins, Minerals and Chromium.

    • It is a multivitamins for diabetics
    • It normalized the body sugar.
    • It curb the urge for sugar craving Chromium strengthens the pancreas.
    • It increase the effective of the insulin
    • It helps to convert sugar to energy in the body
    Buchu Power

    This product combines the health benefits of the plant Buchu plus Ginger and Black Walnut, in a drink form.

    • It contains ginger which helps to relief headaches, tension and stomach cramps
    • It is used to detoxify the system
    • It contain Buchu which helps in problem of the Stomach and Bladder.
    • It improves anti-bacteria action and assist in normalizing blood sugar
    • It contains black walnut which is used to help rid the body of intestinal parasites and reduces constipation

    Memo rite Capsule

    • It nourishes the brain
    • It prevent forgetfulness also useful for older people and people suffering from memory migraine problem
    • It reduces stress and prevent headache
    • It improve level of intelligence, useful for student
    • It promotes concentration.

    Royal Jelly Capsules

    Is obtained from the beehive and is produced by bees to feed the queen bee. It contains Vitamins B. amino acids, minerals and rare, valuable fatty acid.

    • It prevents liver and kidney problem
    • It is an anti-aging supplement and it is good for Asthma patients.
    • It raises the body energy level
    • It regulate blood pressure and prevent fever and sinus
    • It increase metal alertness and it boost the immune system

    Africa Potato Capsule

    It contains Hypoxis extract, Sterol and Sterol ins (healthy plant ‘’fats’’).

    • It contains anti-malaria, typhoid and anti-fever properties
    • It build up the body immune system.
    • It prevent the body against tuberculosis and any coughing infection
    • It helps HIV AND AIDS patients live a normal life.
    • It prevent cancer, heart diseases, Fibroid and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Eye Brite Tablets

    Contain Bilberry, Marigold, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Copper, Selenium and Zinc

    • It prevent glycoma and cataracts or any eye infection
    • It improve clear vision and correct short sightless
    • It improves night vision and reduces the redness of the eye.
    • It nourished the eyes and promotes blood circulation
    • It increase fertility because of the Zinc content in men

    Fat Absorber Capsules

    Contains Chitosan, Soy Protein, Psyllium, Kelp and Garcinia Cambogia.

    • It absorbs the ingoing fat in the stomach before.
    • It metabolized.
    • It curb the urge for food
    • It regulates the bowl movement
    • It prevent stomach obesity
    • It promotes weight loss
    • It is a tumor crusher and shrink fibroid
    • It prevent constipation through dieting
    • It helps maintain a healthy thyroid gland which is essential for the maintaining a healthy body weight

    40 Plus for Women

    Contain Vitamin E and C, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Dong Quai, St. John Wort, Soya Bean Oil, Isoflavones.

    • It prevent aging in women
    • It regulates hormonal imbalance
    • It prevent cervical cancer
    • It promote hot flushes and mood swings
    • It promotes sexual activities in woman
    • It prevent pre and post menopause cries
    • It prevent infernal heat

    40 Plus for Men

    Contain Vitamin E, Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed oil, zinc, Lecithin

    • It  helps nourish the male reproductive organ
    • It prevent aging in men
    • It’s an ideal tonic for men and increase sperm count
    • It enhance sexual performance
    • It help for easy urination
    • It regularizes the swelling of the prostate cancer in men

    Fat burner Tables

    Contain Fructose, Soy Protein, Spirilina, Di Methionine, L-Glutamine, Inositol, Choline Bitartrate and Chromium Picollinate

    • It help burn off the existing fat in the body
    • It curb appetite for oily and fatty food
    • It maintain stable blood sugar
    • It curbs the crave for refined sugar and junks
    • It improve mineral absorption in the body
    • It protect the immune system

    Tree Tea Mouth Wash

    Contain tea tree oil, Echinacea. It reduces the discomfort of mouth ulcer and sore. It gives the mouth fresh breath.

    Marina Spa

    Enrich with Celendula, Menthol and a blend of special oil (rosemary, avocado, and eucalyptus)

    • It increase blood circulation to the skin and helps promote hair growth
    • Moisturizes the skin during sauna  bath
    • It is useful in treating skin blemish, tired feet aching muscles
    • It is useful for sore throat and mouth irritation
    • It is good for goltre and ulcer

    Royal Jelly Ultra hydrating body lotion

    Pamper your skin with Bodygard Royal Jelly Ultra hydrating Body Cream with Turmeric. An advanced formulation that keeps skin soft, smooth and supple. The combination of Royal Jelly, Active moisturisers, Turmeric and Bio-Nutric complex provides 48 hours hydration and moisturisation

    Aloe Vera Ultra hydrating body lotion

    Aloe Vera Body Ultra Hydrating Body Cream restores and firm the skin.
    The Bio-Nutri complex has caring ingredients which leave even the dry skin noticeable smoother and more moisturised. The rich formula contains Aloe Vera and Mint

    Tea Tree Glycerine Soap

    A moisturising, pH balanced soap with Glycerine, Tea Tree and Eucaluptus Extract for healthy glowing skin. Ideal for problem and sensitive skin types.

    Liquid Gold

    A moisturising anti-ageing formula, Royal Jelly, Turmeric, Gold Glycerine and Bio-Nutric complex for hours Hydration

    Herbal Healing Ointment

    An ointment containing Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Oil, Arnica Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Africa  Potato
    An effective skin healing ointment especially effective for minor wounds, itchy skin, insect bites and minor rashes.

    Illness                             Recommended Products
    Insomnia                                    Aloe Power, Cal-C-Mag, Double Power
    Menstrual Pain                         Aloe Power, Omega, 40 Plus, Defender Cap
    Arthritis & Rheumatism         A & R Complex, Omega, Aloe Power, Cal-C-Mag, Super
    Bad Breath                               Mouth Wash, Defender
    Weak Erection                         Aloe Power, Double Power, Rev Up, Stress Active, 40 Plus
    Typhoid & Malaria                 Aloe Power, Africa Potato Cap, Immune Booster, Defender
    Infertility                                  Aloe Power, Rev Up, Skin Hair & Nail, Omega, Double
                                                       Power, 40 Plus, Royal Jelly Cap, Eye Brite                                                   
    Bacterial Infection                   Aloe Power, Buchu, Africa Potato Cap, Defender Cap, Super
                                                       cider, Immune Booster                                                              
    Alcoholism                                Stress Active, Aloe Power, Defender Cap
    Staphylococcus                         Aloe Power, Super cider, Africa Potato Cap, Buchu, Immune
    Fallopian Tube Blockage        Aloe Power, Buchu, 40 Plus Women, Defender Cap, Super
    Age-Spot/Acne                         Royal Jelly Cap, Skin Hair & Nail, Defender Cap, Omega,    
                                                       Aloe Power
    Back Ache & Waist Pain        A & R Complex, Omega, Aloe Power, Stress Active, Cal-C-
    Blood Infection                        Aloe Power, Defender Cap, Omega plus, Immune Booster
    Boils                                          Aloe Power, Defender Cap, Royal Jelly Cap, Super cider
    Cholera & Diarrheal              Defender Cap, Immune Booster, Africa Potato Cap, Aloe Power 
    Cold, Flu & Cough                 Defender Cap, Immune Booster, Africa Potato Cap, Royal Jelly Cap
    Cholesterol Excess Fat           Aloe Power, Defender Cap, Fat Burner, Omega plus, Buchu
    Cystabenigh (Tumor)             Defender Cap, Super cider, Aloe Power, Fat Burner

    Haemorrhoid or Pile              Aloe Power, Buchu, Defender Cap, Super cider, Marina Spa,
                                                      Fat  Burner                                             
    Insect bite & Stings                 Tea Tree soap, Marina Spa
    Toothache                                Mouth Wash & Cal-C-Mag
    Pimples                                    Defender Cap, Aloe Power, Tea Tree soap
    Detoxification & Digestion    Aloe Power, Buchu, Super cider, Defender Cap, Marina Spa
    Menopause in Women           40 Plus women, Stress Active, Omega plus, Immune Booster, 
                                                     Royal Jelly 
    Eye infection                           Aloe Power, Buchu, Omega plus, Eye Brite, Defender Cap,
    Pregnant & Nursing Mothers                    
                                                     Cal-C-Mag, Skin Hair & Nail, Omega plus, Royal Jelly           
    Memory Problem                   Royal Jelly, Aloe Power, Memo-rite, Omega plus, Double Power
    Cancer & Tumor                   Aloe Power, Defender Cap, Africa Potato Cap, Super cider,
                                                    Immune  Booster
    Diabetes                                  Omega plus, Aloe Power, Buchu, Dia Vite
    Heart Attack                          Aloe Power, Defender Cap, Omega plus, Stress Active
    Fibroid/Ovarian cyst            Aloe Power, Buchu, Fat Absorber, Defender Cap, Super cider,
                                                    Africa Potato Cap, 40 Plus women, Marina Spa
                                                    Potato Cap, 40 Plus women, Marina Spa
    Ulcer                                       Aloe Power, Super cider, Africa Potato Cap, Marina Spa
    Hypertension                         Aloe Power, Buchu, Stress Active, Omega plus, Cal-C-Mag, 40
                                                    Plus, Royal Jelly                                     
    Stroke                                     Aloe Power, Buchu, A& R, Omega plus, Stress Active, Double
    Elephantiasis                         Aloe Power, Omega plus, Defender Cap, Super cider, Stress           
                                                    Active, Fat Absorber, Immune Booster
    Kidney problem                    Immune Booster, Buchu, Omega plus, 40 Plus, Super cider,
                                                    Defender Cap, Aloe Power                                              
    Hormonal Imbalance           Omega plus, Rev Up, Stress Active, Double Power, 40 Plus,
                                                    Skin Hair & Nail, Aloe Power, Royal Jelly
    Migraine                                Memo-rite, Stress Active, Omega plus, Royal Jelly Caps, Aloe
    Liver Problem                       Aloe Power, Stress Active, Omega plus, Super cider, Defender
    Epilepsy                                 Africa Potato Cap, Stress Active, Omega plus, Double Power
    Dislocation                             A & R Complex, Cal-C-Mag, Omega plus, Marina Spa
    Anaemia                                Omega plus, Super cider, Aloe Power, Royal Jelly Caps, skin,
    Asthma                                 Royal Jelly Caps, Africa Potato Cap, Immune Booster, Aloe
                                                  Power, Marina Spa                                             
    Gout                                     Fat Absorber, Defender Cap, Aloe Power, Super cider, Africa
    Goitre                                   Omega plus, Africa Potato, Defender Cap, Marina Spa
    Eczema                                 Royal Jelly Caps, Omega plus, Skin Hair & Nail, Marina Spa
    Sickle Cell Anaemia            Aloe Power, Buchu, Immune Booster, Royal Jelly Caps, Skin
                                                  Hair & Nail                                           
    HIV & AIDS                        Aloe Power, Defender Cap, Africa Potato, Immune Booster,
                                                  Royal Jelly Caps                                            
    Prostate Cancer in Men     40 Plus Men, Stress Active, Omega plus, Aloe Power, Super
                                                  cider, Africa Potato, Buchu, Defender Cap                                        
    Hepatitis                              Aloe Power, Immune Booster, Omega plus, Defender Cap, Super
                                                 cider, Africa Potato,      



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