Corruption existing from NEPAL to PHCN/ Ikeja Electric ( Prepaid Meters)

Corruption existing from NEPAL to PHCN/ Ikeja Electric ( Prepaid Meters).

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A Brief Story,
Long time ago this corruption of embezzlement in NEPA has created a lots destructive attitude and selfish ambitious interest in personal gains.

However, t.his is to inform the general public that (PHCN) Ikeja Electric, ( Somolu district ) in particular has badly tampered with most of the prepaid meters that has been given to some of us due to there selfish interest of embezzlement.
For example,
There was a time when the (NEPA) was still existing then before they changed their name.

The old NEPA staffs had to forced most people under the Somolu district to do what is known as "Debt Recovery" in order to embezzled the money. Because it was clear to some of us that they collected money from  without doing anything called debt recovery as they have already embezzled the funds that was generated as a results.

So when the new PHCN/Ikeja Electric Distributor took over from them in quote, as they follows the same protocols to do debt recovery in order to embezzled the funds.

Now, the reason while some of us were unable to recharge our prepaid meters it's because they asked us to pay 30% (Thirty Percent) of the old estimated bills of the past in which the government didn't support or approved because estimated bill is no bill as long as we are now using the new prepaid meter at our own cost.

Bottom line:
We need the help of people to share this information so that the government will come to our rescue concerning this issue especially at the Somolu District under Ikeja Electric should be resolve with immediate effect.


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