Article: Ritual Killers

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Article: Ritual Killers

Author: Olusola David, Ayibiowu 

Edition : 10

Year : 19 August, 2017

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This Article are to reveal Ritual killers in our community and the  society at large. The word ritual are related to rite a religious custom while ritual killing is  the act of killing (an animal or person) in order to propitiate a deity.
The Greek word for ritual are ιεροτελεστία while killer is φονεύς

Ritual Killings and Human Sacrifice Practice in Africa
African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights that provides an individual is entitled to respect for his life and integrity of his person, ritual killings and the practice of human sacrifice continue in several African countries. These practices entail the hunting down, mutilation, and murder of the most vulnerable people in society, including people with disabilities, women, and children. Reports indicate that killings of this nature occur in Nigeria, Uganda, Swaziland, Liberia, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. Because of the secrecy involved in ritual sacrifices, a majority of these incidents go unreported and uninvestigated. Anti-sacrifice advocates face an uphill battle in combating these rituals because the practices are largely denied and touch on cultural underpinnings, resulting in an ideological conflict between protection of human rights and respect for the beliefs and practices of other cultures.
Those who practice sacrifice and ritual killings believe them to be acts of spiritual fortification. Motivations to carry out these acts include the use of human body parts for medicinal purposes and the belief that human body parts possess supernatural powers that bring prosperity and protection. In Uganda, reports indicate that child sacrifice is a business where the wealthy pay witch doctors to conduct sacrifices in an effort to expand their fortunes. In Swaziland and Liberia, politicians allegedly commission ritual killings to improve their odds in elections. In parts of South Africa, ritual killings are culturally accepted, and the practice is often not reported by community members.

Questions of cultural relativism 
It may arise with respect to ritual killings because they may be linked with religious beliefs. The African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights guarantees freedom of conscience, the profession and free practice of religion. The article also states that No one may, subject to law and order, be submitted to measures restricting the exercise of these freedoms. While a broad reading of Article 8 guaranteeing the right to religious freedom could theoretically permit ritual killings for religious reasons, the subject to law and order clause may be invoked to limit the free practice of religion with respect to ritual killings. Furthermore, reading the Charter in its entirety supports a prohibition on ritual killings. For instance, Article 5 states that every individual shall be entitled to respect for his life and the integrity of his person. If ritual killings were permitted as an acceptable exercise of religious freedom, the door is opened to many of potential human rights violations on the basis of religion.

In response to recent reports 
Young Man Beheaded In Elele, Rivers State 
The unnecessary cult killings and bloodshed appear to have started again in Rivers state following the gruesome murder of another young person. Residents of Elele area of Rivers state woke up this morning to a shocking discovery as a young man was found beheaded in the area by unknown assailants.

Ritual killers hack couple, children to death

A gang of assailants, suspected to be ritual killers, has wreaked havoc on a family of six in Adeke bus stop, Adamo, Imota, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.
The couple  Taofiq Agbaje and Simiat Agbaje, 32,  and two of their four children, Rodiat, 10, and eight-year-old Toyeebat, were hacked to death by the gang.
The two other siblings, Mardiya, 13 and her one-year-old sister reportedly sustained injuries.
This happened barely three weeks after another couple and their only child were murdered in Ibese Titun, a neighbouring community,

The attacks were allegedly perpetrated by members of a notorious gang called Badoo.

Kidnappers, ritual killers den discovered beside Ondo Assembly
The abandoned building
An uncompleted two-storeyed building suspected to be a hideout of kidnappers and ritual killers was on Monday discovered in the Alagbaka area of Akure, the Ondo State capital.
The building is located a few metres away from the Ondo State House of Assembly complex, behind the popular government-owned event centre, the Gani Fawehinmi Arcade.
It was said to be owned by an unidentified retired civil servant.
The den was discovered by the residents of the area who claimed that some men were always inside the building performing secret activities on a daily basis.
A resident of the area, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told our correspondent that the building had been abandoned for a long time and many residents of the area did not know the owner.
He explained that a security operative attached to one of the buildings in the area shot a bird on a tree beside the suspected ritual killers den. On hearing the sound of the gun, some men reportedly rushed out from the building and fled.
He said, The suspects probably thought that the gunshot was from policemen who came for them. They fled, but some motorcycle riders in the area chased and arrested four of them, who were handed over to the police.
The source added that the policemen saved the suspects from being lynched by the residents of the area.
When our correspondent visited the building, some women underwear, sandals, slippers, cooking utensils, sleeping mattresses, toothpastes and toothbrushes, among other items, were seen.
Also, a long rope was found inside one of the rooms in the building. The rope was tied to the ceiling of the building at one end, while the other end of the rope was knotted.

Ikorodu serial ritual-killers strike again, murder family of four.
Residents of Layeode in Ikorodu axis of Lagos were thrown into deep shock following the discovery of the remains of an entire family in the area on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.
The bodies discovered at an apartment along Owo Ni Boys, Layeode Mopefoluwa community, Ikorodu, belonged to a family of four who are resident in the community.
According to residents, the father, mother, eight year old daughter and six month old toddler were found in their own blood by a neighbor who noticed the absence in the usual activity at the home of the deceased.
A source who spoke to InsideMainland said the incident happened in the early hours of Tusday morning. There were cries from the building of the deceased by a neighbor who discovered the incident. When we got there, the man, his wife and two children have been murdered in cold blood.
The area has known peace for a long time. We became nervous after the Badoo group attacked a woman at Itamaga. Since then, no one usually come home late or spend time out of their homes once it is dark. It is a sad thing to discover these killers dont have feelings at all.
Another resident, Mrs. Okediji said we were shocked to hear about the news of the Badoo killings in the area. The gang has grown into a terror group causing problems to us in Ikorodu.  Unfortunately, the Police are helpless to put the situation under control. On Tuesday, they killed a family of four. It is shocking that six months ago, people gathered here to celebrate the birth of the little child.
Presently, residents have fled the area as a result of fear of reprisal attack by the serial killers. Those who remain in the community sleep with one eye open for fear of been attacked by the gang.
Inside Mainland however gathered the remains of the mutilated family has been removed by responders who visited the community after the case was brought to the attention of community leaders.
Meanwhile, InsideMainland learnt that there was pandemonium in Gberigbe community, Ikorodu, on Thursday, May 4, 2017, after the community leaders commenced the traditional Oro curfew to rid the community of an imminent invasion by the Badoo group.
You would recall that InsideMainland earlier reported the planned 10-days curfew to hold day and night in the community.
It was learnt that some residents of neighbouring communities who were not aware of the curfew were caught in a between the traditionalists who were handling the procession. InsideMainland gathered the situation was however resolved by community leaders in the area.
Ritual killings allegedly conducted by some traditional healers, other healers have spoken out against ritual killings, arguing that those practices are a disgrace to the history and culture of African medicine men and healers. In March 2012, Sierra Leones union of traditional healers met to put forward their campaign against ritual killings. Since the unions founding in 2008, their mandate has always been to stop indiscriminate killings and afflictions of the innocent.
Activists rallying against ritual killings are calling for stronger protections, including legislation that would allow for the regulation of traditional healers. Some countries, such as Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria have taken steps to begin regulate traditional healers, but regulation is not widespread. Appropriately regulating traditional healers could provide necessary protection for individuals seeking care from traditional healers and could hold healers accountable for unlawful acts, such as ritual killings. Furthermore, regulation could provide protection for traditional healers, for example, with respect to intellectual property rights.
As they have done for centuries, traditional healers continue to fulfill an important role of providing beneficial medical services to communities. However, the practice of ritual killings and human sacrifice goes against the fundamental human rights norm of ensuring respect for an individuals life and integrity of person. Although the African Charter guarantees the right to freely practice ones religion, ritual killings are not permissible on this basis. 

Activists and governments can ensure respect for the human rights of all individuals by working to ensure transparency and accountability among traditional healers. The contributions of traditional healers to many African societies should not be compromised by the practice of ritual killings. 


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