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Help! My heels are cracked! who suffers from fissures on the heels can find it very distressing. First of all, they look awful and sometimes they bleed, especially during the dry season.
Who get cracked heels?
Some people have dry, thick skin (callus) over their heels, which can be hereditary or caused by constant pressure.

Being overweight or pregnancy can put more pressure on the heels, so does wearing wrong shoes (backless/sling backs,  or shoes with thin insoles), not wearing shoes, standing for a long time and constant exposure to water. Medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid disease, skin problems like eczema and psoriasis also appear to exacerbate cracked heels.

Handling cracked heels
  • Ensure that you wear always comfortable shoes and try to maintain your ideal weight.
  • Get regular pedicures and scrub your feet gently every other day.
  • Avoid drying soaps.

  • Moisturize with a lotion or cream for dry skin. You can use any foot cream of your fancy or even petroleum jelly at least twice daily and wear socks to sleep at night.
  • Never use any sharp instrument to scrap off the thick skin otherwise, infection can set in.

  • Take supplements and Zinc and omega 3 fatty acid rich foods.

    Final word
    Cracks are prone to becoming deeper, resulting in pain, bleeding and infections. If this happens then your doctor can prescribe some specific products and give you specific instructions to follow.

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