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Olusola David Ayibiowu on Remita using Zenith Bank Account

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Olusola David, Ayibiowu On Remita ( A.K.A) Ayibiowu Olusola David. E 
Note: Kindly Pay to my Bank Account by clicking on the above named banner to Pay with Remita
What is Remita? Remita is an electronic payment platform that helps individuals and organizations to easily receive and make payments across all banks, from anywhere and at any time. How to pay an E-invoice on Remita Go to the icon 'Pay a Biller'Select the option 'Pay E-invoice'Enter the RRR.Fill in the required details and click Submit.
How do I pay with Remita online? Use your RRR to complete your payment process via any of the channels below: At Your Bank Internet Site, Select Remita Payments.OR Use your Debit/Credit Card here.OR Use your Mobile wallet here.OR Visit any Bank Branch.OR Visit Selected Micro Finance Banks. Who is the owner of Remita? Founder and Managing Director of SystemSpecs, developers of the Remita application, John …

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Creative Arts Solution FOUNDATION a non-governmental foundation

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Creative Arts Solution FOUNDATION a non-governmental foundation Title: Sekere Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 31 H x 69 W x 0.1 in Price: $1,397 USD
Sekere is a traditional Yoruba musical instrument that was pioneered and popularized by the late Alhaji Alamu Atatalo from Ibadan, Nigeria. Cowrie shells are wound around a large and polished gourd; the musician violently shakes the sekere (shaker) and also uses his fists to beat the gourd thereby creating a percussive sound that gladdens and delights the spectators. Typically accompanied by other instruments, such as the aro, dundun, omele, agogo, agidigbo, and a chorus; in Yorubaland -- especially in Ibadan, the sekere musician sometimes shows off his dexterity by hoisting the instrument high up in the air and briskly catches it in mid-air to create a festive mood.
It is noteworthy to mention that sekere, as a musical genre, is quite different from those smaller shakers (with different spellings) found in Cuba,…


Creative Arts Solution FOUNDATION a non-governmental foundation

Title: Shekere
Conutry: Nigeria Painting Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 23 H x 72 W x 1 in Ships in a tube Price: $2,129 USD Shipping included The sekere is a West African percussion instrument consisting of a dried gourd with beads woven into a net covering the gourd.

A musical instrument consisting of a gourd surrounded by a net of beads. The sekere may be twisted, shaken or slapped to produce a subtle variety of effects.

In Other words, A shekere (or sekere) is a beautiful and unique instrument originating in West Africa that appears in various shapes, sizes and forms throughout the continent of Africa. Made from a simple dried gourd with a beaded “skirt”, shekeres are a great addition to any environment where children are learning about music or world cultures.

In Africa, some shekeres also use seashells or hard seeds or nuts with holes drilled though them as part of their unique design.

The ski…

Did You Know You Can Book Flights on Jumia?

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Creative Arts Solution FOUNDATION a non-governmental foundation

HISTORY | This Day In History

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THIS DAY IN HISTORY1959Batista forced out by Castro-led revolution
On this day in 1959, facing a popular revolution spearheaded by Fidel Castro's 26th of July Movement, Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista flees the island nation. Amid celebration and chaos in the Cuban capitol of Havana, the U.S. debated how best to deal with the radical Castro and the ominous... read more »American Revolution1781