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#How to close bank account after owner’s death

How to close bank account after owner’s death when an account holders dies, her relatives and friends are often left to handle the details, including closing bank accounts. Bank accounts should be closed as soon as possible after death, but doing so isn’t always a cut-and-dry process, according to
There are several steps to be taken to do this. We will examine them below.
If the account in question belongs solely to the deceased, the bank will not allow anyone else to alter it or touch the funds within until the court grants authority over the estate to an executor. Only then can the executor, and only the executor, access the funds to use as he sees fit towards the payment of final expenses, debts owed and, finally, inheritance. If the account is a joint or has a living trust attached, the person named on the account paperwork is authorised to close it on his or her own. No special paperwork or death certificate is required to do so — only the request…