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Is Cold Water Good or Bad for Singers?

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Is Cold Water Good or Bad for Singers?
Amy Poole | 02/05/19

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Is cold water bad for the throat?

It’s important to lubricate the throat when singing, because dry vocal cords can lead to a hoarse sound and even damage your throat. Aside from considering which drinks are good and bad for singers, did you also know that the temperature of your fluids affect your vocal cords too? So should singers drink cold water?

Cold water can shock the vocal cords and create tension which limits your vocal range and ability. But, hot water can cause inflammation and increase mucus production. Stick to room-temperature water which enables flexibility in your cords.

So is cold or hot water good for your singing voice? How about eating ice? What drinks that are good for your voice? Read on to find out more.

Are ice cubes good or bad for singers?  
is eating ice bad for your voice

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Art Terminology

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Printmaking Processes

Intaglio - The process of incising a design beneath the surface of a metal or stone. Plates are inked only in the etched depressions on the plates and then the plate surface is wiped clean. The ink is then transferred onto the paper through an etching press. The reverse of this process is known as relief printing.

Planographic - The process to print impressions from a smooth surface rather than creating incised or relief areas on the plate. The term was devised to describe lithography.

Relief - All printing processes in which the non-printing areas of the block or plate are carved, engraved or etched away. Inks are applied onto the projected surface and transferred onto the paper. The reverse process is known as intaglio printing.

Printmaking Techniques

Aquatint - Printing technique capable of producing unlimited tonal gradations to re-create the broad flat tints of ink wash or watercolor drawings by etching microscopic cracks and pits …

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