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When is Boxing Day?

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Arguments come thick and fast as to why. You will find the answers below interesting. But firstly, it has nothing to do with the sport of boxing has argument abound on the origins of the name Boxing Day.
Watching a programme on TV has they asked questions on what Boxing Day is all about?
Someone ignorantly answered by saying that he doesn’t know much about boxing day rather than to start boxing and exchanging blows with everyone.

The name is a reference to holiday gifts. A ‘Christmas Box’ in Britain is a name for a Christmas present. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants and the day when they received a ‘Christmas Box’ from the master.
The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give ‘Christmas Boxes’ to their families.
The name is a reference to charity drives. A box to collect money for the poor traditionall…

Shehu Usman Shagari born 1925, dies at 93 (28 December 2018)

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Shehu Usman Shagari born  1925-2018

Shehu Usman Shagari born  1925,  dies at 93 (28 December 2018).
Shagari passed away at the National Hospital Abuja on Friday 28 Dec 2018. Shehu Usman Shagari heals from Shagari village founded by his great-grandfather, Ahmadu Rufa’i, who was also the Village Head, and took the name Shagari as his family name. His father’s name was Aliyu and his mother’s name was Mariamu.

Shagari started his education in a Quranic school and then went to live with relatives at a nearby town, where, between 1931 and 1935, he attended Yabo Elementary School; and between 1936 and 1940, he went to Sokoto for middle school, and then from 1941-1944, he attended Kaduna College.
Between 1944 and 1952, Shagari attended the Teacher Training College, in Zaria, Kaduna State;and from 1953-1958, he worked as a visiting teacher at Sokoto Province.
He was also a member of the Federal Scholarship Board from 1954-1958.


Concept Note

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Creative Arts Solution Foundation: is a non-governmental foundation

Title of the Proposed Project:
Our Community Development

Potential Donor: seek for donors support to fund our project in kind or Cash both home and abroad.

Rationale for the Proposed Project: Our fundamental reasons for working towards this project is to create an atmosphere for community development programs and to provide the basic needs in our community.

Project Goals and Objectives.
Goal was to enable us to do our very best in creating cleaner environment in our community.
Enable the children to live a life that is void of disease.
Mobilize women and Empower women to have a day or voice in our community development.

Project Strategy/ Listing of Project Activities:
Our plan is to organize meeting and programs on a weekly or monthly basis in order to address the issues that are affecting the communities and to proff…

Season's Greetings Video by Creative Arts Solution Foundation

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Christmas is a special time to enjoy with all your loved ones, spreading divinity and cheer around, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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